Yugoslavia after the bombing.


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Yugoslavia after the bombing.Has anything changed is it better now or it maybe isnt.By fall of Miloshevic UN thinks that they solved a bigger part of Balkan problem did they or didnt they,whats your opinion??? :horsie:
most of us think they did. ousting Milosevic meant getting rid of a problem. People are too much into Iraq to focus on Yugoslavia ( that name does not exist any longer, though: it's Serbia and Montenegro, now).
But the point is- and that's why I invited you to post a new topic on this - that you as a Serbian kid believe slobo was not a bad fellow.
I know you can keep it very civil, and I'm sure lots of friends here are interested in trying to understand why you think so.
Well,yes it is SCG but i tought no one knows that name in the world.About Slobica ,here is the thing it was a dictatureship i personaly dont suport it,butt now with this new goverment,there is a lot of conspiracy going around murders and stuff,newspapers have headlines for the lifetime.Butt i mostly supported SCG army trought Slobica,and thats it.
The funny thing about the bimbing is that i have un exploded missile 200 meters away from my aprtment.So its a tence life 8) (got used to it after a while)