Your Unit's Crest


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Feel free to post your unit's crest in here, and possibly a bit of history behind it.


We are 746 Lightning Hawk Squadron. Long story short, the Hawk represents swiftness, and the lightning resemples power. Together, they make a tough combination.
I can't find a picture of my old Squadron's emblem, but it was the same crest with an Avro Anson instead of the Hawk. The history behind it is that during WWII, Amherst, NS was a major manufacturer of the Avro Anson. The name has stuck with it since it was created almost 64 years ago.
Can Squadron Patches work???


We are NC-142 - but when the patch was made, it was 32142. (time for a new patch lol)

We are the Golden Eagle Composite Squadron. We focus on Search and Rescue - resembled by the SAR. Our motto is deeds not words.
37 Courageous. I'm not totally sure what the story behind my corps crest is, but I'm sure it's cool. The corps is named after HMCS Courageous, the last Canadian aircraft carrier.

if the image doesn't work here's a link to it

614 Firebirds. Can't find a crest, I'll scan my old squadron pin. The Motto is "Deverate omnes" that's "Devour them all" in Latin. Other than that the crest is the standard air cadet fare, albatross and all.

And my group is doing a board of AFJROTC patches, so if you're interested in your group's patch being seen by hundreds of alaskan cadets, let me know and I'll send you the information... here's the board as of last year:
Our battalion crest (unit crest) doesnt have a pic of it, or its just so well hidden from civilian eyes that I also cant find it.... :cry:

But we the people(Cadets) are called the 1st Screaming Eagles Battalion ! (Hooah!) And we're a proud bunch of cadets ! We are eagles cause they are strong....hooah !