You might be too hoooah if......


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1. your kids call the sand box NTC
2. your wife has mermites in the china cabinet
3. your older kids call the youngest one cherry
4. when your wife left you held a change of command ceremony
5. your wife carries a butt pack instead of a purse
6. your kids call the nintendo simnet
7. when your family gets together you call them slice elements
8. you butter your toast with a bayonet
9. when you kids get a wrong answer in school they knock out ten
10. your personal license plate says " AT EASE "
11. your kids initials are AR,FM,DD or DA
12. your grandmother won week of the Eagles
13. your POV has your name stenciled on the window
14. your dogs name is Ranger
15. your kids pull night shift guard on the mailbox
16. your wife has a better high and tight then the commander
17. your kids sound off with airborne everytime their left foot hits the ground
18. your kids have to wax and buff the floor before going to school
19. when your dog died he got a 21 gun salute
20. your kids call the teachers REMF's and the other students LEG's
21. your daughters dolls wear starched uniforms
22. your kids get an LES with their allowance
23. your kids bigwheels are camouflaged with bumper numbers
24. everyone does six pull-ups before sitting down at the dinner table
25. all of your meals at home are MRE's
26. all of your possessions have a national stock number
That's great. I've never seen that one before. Military Dads, post your score! Highest one gets 100 milbucks from me!
my friend had an OLD MRE... from back when they put drugs in them to keep soldiers alert... she swore to me that the M&M's had speed in them.