You know you’re An Old Airman If:

Mark Conley

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Since the Army Has one; I think Turn About Is Fair Play!

You know you’re An Old Airman If:

You Know APR meant Airman Performance Report instead of Annual Percentage Rate.

You still think of the Security Forces as A.P.s (Air Police)

You still remember young ladies in the Air Force as WAFs. (Women’s Air Force).

You remember the large fence around the WAF compound, where they were locked up at night to protect their honor.

Planes went kapocketa kopocketa kopocketa instead of whinnnnnnnnnne.

Your word processing system had the trademark Corona instead of Dell.

That E-4s were Buck Sergeants and not Senior Airmen.

You remember Skippy caps and green overalls...sigh.

You totally understood the concept of Wall to Wall (WTW) counseling as a personnel management tool.

You were on better terms with the NCO Club Barber than your wife.

That the NCO Club barbers saw you more than your wife.

That you were paid your Basic Allowance of Quarters (BAQ) rate by the number of family members you had.

You remember what a Rapid Deployment Force was.

You remember your tour in Thailand as "Working on the Railroad".

That Strategic Air Command (SAC) and Tactical Air Command (TAC) were 24/7 life styles with a family just a hobby on the side?

That Thule AB, Shemya AFB, and Iceland was the 'Garden Spots" where you went if you screwed up...

That "One a Day in Choctaw Bay" was not a good development line for the F-111 fighter-bomber?

You remember your son's scout troop had better adult supervision than the Flightline Graveyard Shift?

That a field meal was called an "In-flight Meal, Individual" instead of a C-ration?

That pockets were called Air Force gloves?

Everyone just called each other by their last names, with no rank?

That it was called a "Fun Run" instead of the Annual Physical Performance test.

That the green satin work fatigues were called 'Sweenys Greenies"?

Remember promotion was a case of "Who you Knew" versus the "Test you Best"?

Remember the "Zero Defects" program?

Remember the Terms " Waffle Face" and "Commissary Commando" were for a retiree?

Playing your radio system in the hangers loud was called "Rocking the docks"?

Remember Blue and Silver rank patches, brightly colored unit patches, and blue and white name tapes...on a set of green fatigues you were supposed to hide in the forest in?

The term "with-in 35-10" meant you were with-in standards on your dress and appearance?

That your weight and height only mattered when it came to trimming the plane in flight?

That Aircraft Line Maintenance really was the Air Force?

Dedicated to my Father...The last of the True F-4 Flightline Maintenance Supervisors.