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Hey, just joined. I'm currenty on leave from Fort Benning, going to the 1/501st Para-Infantry up in Fort Richardson, Alaska. My rank is E-2. I got an old site at www.ctisphonics.tk but plan on getting a new site once I get to my unit. I has a lot in the line of military texts such as Sun Tzu or Vegetius, as well as some modern ones... but havn't really updated it much since I joined the army. Working on getting some original primary texts for my site. This seems like a good place to hang out in my off time.
Thanks Sargeant... Canadians still have Glider units? I always wanted to be in a glider unit, but the US doesn't have them anymore. Can Americans go to the school?
Not in the regular force, that was disbanded after WWII, but in the RCACS, we do glider pilot training. I myself am a glider pilot who did flight training this past summer. NCdt. Steliga is also a glider pilot who did his flight training through the RCACS. I was gliding today, and i'll be doing it agian tomorrow. Loads of fun.
Trevor, you make me cry. I doubt the Battalion Commander up here would fork out the money to convert a squad from Airborne to gliders... but it would be awsome if they would let me. So, what does your glider look like?
We fly the Schweizer 2-33A.

Glide Ratio: 23:1
Best L/D Duel: 50 mph
Best L/D Solo: 45 mph
Min Sink Duel : 42 mph
Min Sink Solo: 38 mph
Stall Speed Duel: 33 mph
Stall Speed Solo: 31 mph
Va: 65 mph
Vne: 98 mph
Normal Air Tow Speed: 65-70 mph
Max Air Tow: 98 mph
Auto/Winch Tow: 69 mph

Height: 9' 3.5"
Length: 25' 9"
Wing Span: 51'
Aspect Ratio: 11.85:1
Weight (Empty): 600 lbs
Max Useable Load: 370 lbs

These are pics from my flight training this summer.

http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0ZwAe...VhyEWg/big mac 015.jpg?dc=4675497369149180454

http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0dwAg...rs lined up on 360.JPG?dc=4675497369596179971

http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0aAAA...AAAAA/still on tow.jpg?dc=4675497369158252380

http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0cQAe...ool kulas pics 083.jpg?dc=4675497369152186931

http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0cQAS...ool kulas pics 084.jpg?dc=4675497369154398044
How much do you think a glider costs? I'll jimmyrig a propeller or open the back door and light my fart on fire or something to give it lift just like a real airplane.