YES!!! share my happyness


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hehe this is some nice shit!

i have been trying to get in the army in some time now and they told me i could only get a place in the August group :( but i called today and i got a damn space in the Febuary group!!!

i'm so happy now!.. only 3 months and i'm OMW to Boot Camp! :D

just wanted to share with u guys! :)
Good stuff dude.
We should share letters while in service. It'll be interesting to share stories of life in the military there in Denmark and in Korea. I'm sure there will be things that only people who have served or are serving will ever understand. DUnno if you read my post on my first 3 months of service.
Redleg said:
Congratulations.. :D

Do you know what unit you're going to server in?

nope... so far i haven't got any information other than the date, for when i'm coming in... 1 Feb... but i sent a letter last friday so i expect some information to come through my door any minute now :P hehe...

Team Infidel said:

Hooah!! indeed :)
1 month and a few days left now ;)

and i have meet a person whos starting the same place i am... hes just TOTALLY like me :P its going to be some funny shit :D