Yes, I'm a female in the Navy... No I'm not gay


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Hey y'all... I'm an IT3 in the Navy stationed at Naval Station Norfolk until the birth of my child, then I'll be either joining the boys in the Gulf or moving to Italy, depending on my luck and the mood of the detailer the particular day I call him. I'm pretty outspoken :cen: , so you'll get to know me soon.
Welcome, Quirky. Don't think we have any other squids on the forum, well one, but he doesn't seem to post often. You'll have lots of NJROTC pups nipping at your heels, however.

I'm not sure if anyone was going to question your sexuality, but thank you for the confirmation nonetheless.
RnderSafe said:
You'll have lots of NJROTC pups nipping at your heels, however.

Not quite sure us "pups" :evil: are going to be doing any "nipping" :? , but we may ask a few questions.

Welcome to the forum!
Hi!! I'm female and about to go to RTC in July for the Navy. I hope to make friends with you to learn a little about the Navy from a woman's point of view. I posted in the Welcoming Center with the topic being "In The Navy" incase you want to know a little about myself. lol...and a good thing you aren't gay. Good luck with having your child!!!
airmanpatroler said:
Hi there swabbie... and I hate it when people call Navy personell gay
If people call me 'gay' I just assume they mean 'happy'. Saves me a lot of annoyance… 8)