Yay, the XXth Olympic Winter Games are getting real close now!


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Anyone who's going to watch some of the events in real life or on TV??
I wont be able to see any of the events in real life, but seeing them live on TV is ok enough for me..

I'm unfortunatelly going away on a small exercise from tomorrow until saturday so I'll not be able to see the opening ceremony... :-|



• 84 medals will be given over a period of 17 days.

• 2,600 athletes and 2,500 officials from 82 National Olympic Committees will be housed in 3 Olympic Villages: Torino, Bardonecchia and Sestriere.

• Seven sports will be presented: Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Curling, Ice Hockey, Luge, Skating, Skiing

• Eight competition sites: Bardonecchia, Pinerolo, Pragelato, Cesana-Pariol, Cesana-San Sicario, Sauze d'Oulx, Sestriere, Torino, joined by 2 training centres at: Claviere and Torre Pellice

• 650 judges and referees will participate in the Games.

• 10,000 journalists and media operators are expected to cover the Games.

Competition Schedule:

My Wife will let me watch the skiing and bobsledding if I watch the figure skating with her so she can give me a blow by blow account as we watch it. Actually, I'm pulling for Michelle Kwan to get the gold since this will probably be her last chance at it.
Italian Guy said:
Anyone need a room?
If you can help me with a plane ticket and a few days off from work then I'll be there in less than a day.. :D
Biathlon: Silver and Bronze to Norway in the first Olympic medal event.. :D

Feb 11 2006
SAN SICARIO, Italy, Feb 11 (Reuters) - German biathlete Michael Greis won the opening gold medal of the Turin Winter Olympics after a near-perfect performance in the men's 20-kilometre individual race on Saturday.

The 29-year-old missed just one of his 20 targets on the shooting range to clinch his first Olympic title with a combined time of 54 minutes 23.0 seconds.

Norwegian five-time Olympic champion Ole Einar Bjorndalen had to settle for second place, 16 seconds behind Greis, after missing a target in each of his first two shooting sessions.

Bjorndalen's 36-year-old team mate Halvard Hanevold produced a powerful finish to take the bronze -- a further 52.9 seconds back,
Redleg said:
If you can help me with a plane ticket and a few days off from work then I'll be there in less than a day.. :D

I can work the ticket thing out, but I'm afraid I can't do much to get you some days off :firedevi: .