WWII Helmets


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I have a WWII steel pot complete with the helmet liner, but it is a little to big for me, and bobbles around - I thought ppl 50 years ago had smaller heads?

-Yes, the sweatband is as tight as it goes-

Any help? - Myabe I should get one of those OD wool 'Jeep' caps :lol:
Do you have a normal sized head (no offense or anything). Maybe you just got a bigger sized helmet. Try it out on other people and see how it fits.
Well yea, cos im still growing - other people have put it on and it is still a little loose, my one reenacting friend says he has told put a hand on top everytime he runs lol - just wondering. In the movies it looks as tho they are just stuck on top.

I mean, its not like really loose I can def move around and all it stays on fine, just a little shakey if i shake my head 'no'.
Get some foam rubber .. like they use for bike/skating helmet liners. If it's already sticky, just slap it inside .. if not, use double sided tape or a light adhesive. As I said in the other thread, I really wouldn't use anything original for reenactments.
Unlike helmets of most countries, US WWII M1s came in only one size, with some adjustment capability. If it didn't fit you just lived with it. You could wear the hbt field cap under it in warm weather & the jeep cap in cool.
Are all the straps and bands inside??

Here is a picture of the inside of one of my WW2 M-1 helmets. They will adjust pretty small. I am thinking maybe you are missing a strap or band. Make sure you have the sweat band (tan colored band that runs the inner circumference of the helmet) This band is adjustable. Also make sure that you have the Nape Strap installed. This is the short 4"-5" strap that snaps into the back webbing and will sturdy up the helmet on your head..
Here is a pic explaining it all.......

Hope it helps
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