WWII African Theatre Protective masks?


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I think i saw this picture once of a axis soldier, i believe, in the african theatre with a cloth like thing over their head except eyes. The eyes were covered with black goggles. It was so scary looking!! :shock: I don't know if it was a dream or if I actually saw it. :lol: Could anyone tell me what this was or who used it.

I don't think it was a dream.. :lol:

It soudns like you may have seen a picture of the LRDC (Long Range Desert Group).
You can do a google search to find more info.

The cloth and goggles were (and is still) used for keeping sand and dust away from the mouth, nose and eyes..

It can also have been another unit, since this "technique" was used by others as well.
But I think I've seen pictures of LRDC that looked like your description.
Sweet. Thanks Redleg. What a wierd looking mask.

I probably saw a pic of it, then had a nightmare about it :lol: .

Hmmm... I googled it up, but all I can find are pics of guys in turbans. Not full masks. The masks i saw werent anything like turbans. You couldnt even see their face at all...There were black googles over the face which was covered by a brown cloth-like thing. Is there any way I can insert a picture i whipped up in paint, to show you guys what it looked like?