WW2 - the conflict in the north africa before Romel was sent


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I find it very difficult to find out how in detail the british defeated the italian armies - if you have useful links please post them here. If also a discussion is born abotu these not very popular events of WW2 it'll be great.
You're right, most sites gloss over the early part of the North African Campaign and focus on Rommel and the DAK. After a little research, I came up with:


http://www.italianfront.com (commercial site that sells uniforms, insignia and history books)

http://www.naval-history.net/WW2CampaignsNorthAfrica.htm (naval info)

You might also try buying the Osprey title The Italian Army 1940-45: Africa 1940-43 (Men-At-Arms series). It proably has much more than most of the websites I looked at. Available thru Osprey, Amazon or your local hobby shop. Enjoy :)