WW2 Chindits


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Looks a great site. Thank You, I'll do my best to help members with WW2 stuff. Wrote a screenplay about the late Brig. James Michael Calvert, Mad Mike of Chindit fame. Found the coward who framed him, had him court martialed and dismissed from the British Army.
A friend of my Dad was in the Chindits, he rarely if ever spoke about it. The one thing he did say is that when Joe Vinegar Stillwell took over the Chindits they suffered more casualties then ever before, so much so Calvert disobeyed Stillwells orders and pulled his decimated command out of Burma because of Stillwells incompetence. He was also highly annoyed that Stillwell credited the Chindits successes to his Chinese troops. He felt that Stillwell should have been fired by Mountbatten earlier then he was.
I don't believe Stilwell was ever very concerned about the troops or anybody else for that matter. Nor was he a critical thinker. He seemed to be quite a miserable one.