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you know how colleges, and high schools have muscle workout schedules? does anyone a website that has the same thing, but obviously for people who want to strengthen up before going into the military? thanks.
I don't know if this will help you much, but here is my weekly workout plan:

My workout plan as follows, the excercises I do change every so often

Cardio, minimum 20 minutes.
Bench Press
Incline dumbell fly

cable press
overhead extension
kick backs

Tuesday: Cardio, minimum 20 minutes, if I have the time

Cardio - 20 min or more
Leg press
Leg extension/curl
military press, dumbell
front raises
lateral raise
bent over raise

Thursday - off.

Friday -
Cardio at least 20 min

Lat pulldown
bent over row
T bar Row
Preacher curl
isolated unilateral bicep curls

15 pushups (modified or regular) and 15-20 reps of an ab workout (crunches, sit ups, supine bicycle, leg raises, hello dollys, etc.) between each set of the above back/bicep excercises.

My cardio is 99% of the time running, although every so often I will swim for half an hour or so, just to change things up a bit.

i got the running down, i workout now with weights to gain more muscle mass, so i was looking for like a program which the military would have, not for running or swimming, or hikin 3 miles with full ruck in 1 hour, just like workouts at the gym. thanks tho.
I wouldn’t worry so much about the “strengthening up” part. Keep in mind that not everyone in your class will be able to make it through Ranger School the first day! Your instructors expect this. They have a proven plan to gradually get you in shape. I would recommend that you keep running and running and run some more. However, if you insist on being in the best shape of your life before you arrive at boot camp, just stick to the basics. By doing pushups, sit-ups and pull-ups, you will achieve your desired goal. The most important thing is get prepared mentally!
To strengthen up for the military you probably want to do a lot of body weight lifting- push ups, pull ups/ chin ups, crunches, flutter kicks(lotsa those!), bends and thrusts(not too many of those :D ), squats, and calf raises/ rockers. Those are just a few of mine. I personally prefer power lifting. I work out with an old crusty Recon Marine Sergeant Major so he's got a lot of fun exercises!

And do your good mornings!