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I am a recent college grad. With a few hours of flight time. I am thinking of making it a career and going into woft to fly helicopters.

My big concern is that I am 27. Am I going to be a lot older than the rest of the recruits?

Does anybody have any experience with this?
Not by much. Dont worry about it...flying makes you young again!

They use to take people with 2 years of college for th WO flight programs..so they'd be 20-21 ..kinda young. But they also take people from the army, and some of them are 24-25. You wont really have time to worry about it though..

have fun learning to fly! :D
Yeah that and the state of the world today. My folks and girl arn't too keen on the idea either but I feel like it keeps on calling my name.
a single day flying with a happy heart beats the world out of anything I know of..If the calls there, answer it. I wish like anything I would have took the chance when i had it...and i have regretted it every single day i didnt.

Go For It!

great thanks for the advice.. its a tuff call making a six year investment. I want to run medvac missions.
only six years? shoot, you'd still be young! why, after you got out, you could make some good money flying for the civ's. And there aint a thing wrong with the medavacs. somebody has to get the wounded. And hospitals are looking for good chopper pilots...with all the new fangled med flight programs they run.

Sounds real good to me... :D