Wisdom Teeth Yanked

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Just had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out today. I feel like . I am falling asleep as I write, but the Doc said not to fall asleep. So I gotta type. How many teeth have you all had pulled?
I had my wosdom teeth (four) pulled when I was 18.

Worst part for me is I'm kinda a "bleeder." Had to pack my mouth with tea backs to stop the bleeding. Got dry socket. Dentist used gas, so I had a terrible headache after.

Completely sucked.

Good luck.
I had my wisdom teeth pulled out when i was 17. First the left-sided and two weeks after the ones on the right side.

When I was younger my milk teeth didn't want to fall out by themselfs so the dentist had to help it, but that was no big deal since the roots had already been dissolved.
Oh I had mine pulled when I was 15. The top two, I still have the bottom two though, and I plan to keep them dammit. However I do have one molar, lol.

I need another taken out though. That or a root canal and I'm not getting a root canal. No way on Earth. Horrible.

Teeth ... pain in el behind as far as I'm concerned.

As far as the roots, I still had mine and the worse was when he had to pully my baby incisors [I believe that's their name] and they were ... rooted ... no drugs. Pain. Lots. Wanted to kill the dentist.
do you have to have them pulled? I think mine came in in like 8th grade, but they haven't hurt since, hurt like a :cen: when they first came in however. Lol.
CrazyCadet142 said:
do you have to have them pulled? I think mine came in in like 8th grade, but they haven't hurt since, hurt like a :cen: when they first came in however. Lol.

Hm it depends. You need to let the dentist decide, mostly it's the root canal as the other option, it won't hurt you at all ... after you get them removed, lol.

See now ... I can't remember if I had my molar ... I think I might have had my molars removed in all actuality and they hurt like a b--ch.
My sister had her wisdom teeth pulled and when i saw her after
when she came home she did not look happy. She looked like
she wasnt all there....I had to get a tooth pulled once because
my adult tooth was growing behind it and i had to get it pulled :cry:
All four of mine were pulled at once when I was 20. Dentist gave me so much gas I don't remember a darn thing about it except when I came to, I looked like a freakin' hamster because of all the gauze they jammed in my mouth. :lol:
still have mine, but I probably should get the bottom ones taken out. THey are causing my jaw to pop whenever I move it, no pin though
That was sort of my problem. Dentists won't take out just the tops or just the bottoms because the other set grinds on the gums.
had all six wisdom teeth (yeah six of them: two were mutants) when i was 17. they wouldnt let me in the air academey until they were pulled, and after they were pulled, said i couldnt go to the air academy because of the grades...

guess they should have looked at the grades first.. :D

anyhow, i feel for you guy.
I dont have to have any of my wisdom teeth taken out because I only have 2 and a half teeth. One is a midget and then one is missing and the other two are growing in straight
It was for sure my molars - and the molars hurt like the dickens, especially if you don't have any drugs at all. I will have a total of two wisdom teeth, I think it's the best if they don't come down (some people get them and some don't) and the one that's out right now, it's actually ... it actually slid out of place.