Win a no Win


Like most Americans I never felt Air Strikes would do very much even massive B-52 strikes won't do much unless they bomb city centers like Bagdad and Bagdad is not the enemy , Ground Troops would come as close to a win if there is one than anything else , that of course has been tried no win , not from lack of trying just not enough troops , how many troops would be enough and what would be their goal , I would start with a million then take a look at it , their goal that's a question that needs addressing I don't know the answer to that . .
The airstrikes can eliminate their military hardware thus crippling their offensive war making capabilities. We have the electronics to perform a high altitude flyover using AWAKs radar and pinpoint hardware: tanks, artillery, trucks, etc. then immediately bomb or use cruse missiles to eliminate these targets before they know what hit them. The radar can even find them in hiding under camo tents, in wooded terrain. It's very high tech. A very precise process, unlike bombing a jungle hoping to hit the trail. You won't eliminate ISIS with bombing but we can remove several heads of the Hydra.
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Sounds like a try and we have the equipment so why aren't we trying , maybe we have the wrong man at the helm , but Obama has come this far ,might just need a little more prodding .