Why you're a Marine (and a few more)


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Why You're a Marine

Army, Navy was not for me,
The Air Force was just to easy,
What I needed was a little bit more,
I need a life that is hardcore.

Parris Island were it all began,
A little rock with lots of sand,
Can't forget about Hollywood,
San Diego, and it's so good.

First Phase broke me down,
Second Phase I started come around,
Third Phase I was lean and mean,
Graduation standing tall in my greens.

For those of you who ask me why,
Here's to them, and here's my reply,
I'll be a Marine 'till the day I die,
Motivated and SEMPER FI!!!

The Test

Marine Corps Boot Camps are the best!
They will put you to the test.

And then when you are finally done,
You will be number one.

If you cant make it don’t you cry,
The Marine Corps motto is Semper Fi!

Why I Had to Die Today

Dad don't worry, Mom don't cry,
Some brave young men are bound to die.

You knew this day would finally come,
The day that I received my gun.

The last thing that I want to say,
Is why I had to die today.

To save our country from the pain,
Of terrorists like Saddam Hussein.

I started off a boy so young,
And look at what I have become.

A soldier...no not just a soldier a MARINE!!!

Fight With Pride

We are the best at what we do.
We fight for our country, the red, white, and blue.
Graduation day was the last day we cried.
We won't shed a tear until one has died.
If that should happen we'll flood the gates.
Show the world the Marine Corps traits.
We'll honor them in military fashion.
If we find out who did it, we're gonna come crashin.

We can say we've never stole.
And we can say that we're always bold.
We're all brothers with the men by our side.
We'll fight Like Marines, We'll Fight WITH PRIDE!

Marine Corps Cadence

You can keep your Army Khaki.
You can keep your Navy Blue.
I have the worlds best fighting man,
to introduce to you.
His uniform is different,
The best you've ever seen.
The Germans call him Devil Dog,
His real name is Marine.

He was born on Parris Island,
The place where God forgot.
The sand is 18 inches deep,
The sun is blazing hot.

And everyday he'll wake up,
Before the rising sun.
He'll run a hundred miles or more,
Before the day is done.

He's deadly with a rifle,
A bayonet made of steel.
He's took the Devils calling card,
He's mastered how to kill.

And when he gets to heaven,
St. Peter he will tell.
One more Marine reporting Sir,
I've served my time in hell.

So listen all you young girls,
To what I have to say.
Go out and find a young marine,
To love you everyday.

He'll hug you and he'll kiss you,
And treat you like a queen.
There is no better fighting man,
Down in the jungles of El Salvador

The days are long the nights are filled with war.

Crevitic is the man in the murky mists.

With a Semi Automatic and a ten inch :cen:

He swims like a fish runs like a leopard on land.

Like a modern day ninja trained in hand to hand.

He got caught up in fire fight.

But he took 40 with him when he died that night.

When he died God went on.

And sent his soul straight back to Recon.

Born in the woods.
Raised by a bear
Double set of dog teeth.
Triple coat of hair.

Two Brass ba*ls.
And a cast iron rod
He's a mean muther :cen:
He's a Marine By God.