Why the European they like go to war?


First at all, I quote a document from Internet.

England public program about ww3 before 30 years ago.

When The Sun Rises, the Britain was everywhere ruins, everywhere with corpses, death shrouded over the city. Downing Street has been impassable, Buckingham Palace emgerce death smoke. At the same time, the atomic bomb was drop to Soviet territory, mushroom cloud appeared constantly in Soviet airspace. These only be see in science fiction movies , but it appears in the latest declassified documents of British government . According to the British "Daily Mail" reported, 30 years ago, World War III scenario envisioned British government classified documents lifted by the British National Archives, making this dusty " history " exposure.

This code Wintex-Cimex 83 documents made by the British government in March 1983, against the Soviet Union the new leader .The program imagine situation East-West nuclear war.

November 1982, (Yuri Andropov) became Soviet leader, whose tough talk makes the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union continued to deteriorate. Four months later, U.S. President Ronald Reagan denounced the Soviet Union as • "evil empire." Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on bilateral joint fight against the Soviet Union proposed agreement. Meanwhile, Margaret Thatcher agreed the U.S. cruise missile base in the UK to establish. It makes the East-West tensions .

In this document, the British Medical Association estimated at 33 million English in nuclear war. British government in the Soviet Union was conceived in Scandinavia, Germany and Italy to launch terrorist incursions. When the whole of the UK into high gear when tens of thousands of people will flee the city. Highway and railway stations will fall into chaos, supermarket necessities would be looted, demonstrators gathers in various embassies and the U.S. Air Force bases. And the media more worried about Prince William's safety, perhaps with "Charlie, protect Prince William!" As the headline news will spread throughout the country.
We often see documents from the meidas and internet. west countries and Soviet government already made many plans about nuclear war.they will use nukes attack eachother if the war outbreak!

As a Chinese ,I am thinking a problem. The west and Soviet all belong white race! What's wrong with these white in mental? Why these west and Soviet seem to very hate each other, this degree of hatred enough made they use hydrogen bombs extinct opposite race?

Or the west countries and Soviet just play a show 'just like a red ****,a white ****'? tell the Asisan,African and American Indian.
:' look, how brave our white people, we even didn't fear the nuclear war. Our white are the only brave men on the Earth. Other Asian and African just cowards. so, don't try to annoy us.' or we nuke you low and up.

Really? these white(European) are very bravery? they even don't fear die at the hydrogen bombs?
Die at hydrogen bombs, the painful is unimaginable, you body ,you legs and eyes will be steaming in tens of millions of degrees temperature! Horrible!

The Chinese and Japanese belong Asian, As Chinese,we hate Japanese becuase Japanese ever massacre many Chinese.
But we never had a idea use hydorgen bombs wipe out the race of Japanese.

Because we believe use hydrogen bmombs will lead human go to extinction. Believe me,perhaps you and your families can escape from the first nuclear war of global,
but never expect you can survive in the second round nuclear strike.
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you have to look at the history and mindset of Europe,
Europe is the most densly populated continent in the world. It has tons of technologically advanced countries right next to each other. they all are very rich and therfore can afford to throw their weight around. plain logic
I wonder when China will get the freedom of speech when they can talk about these things like this in their own country
I wonder when China will get the freedom of speech when they can talk about these things like this in their own country

Not in my lifetime. Although the UK is going that way. Remember the 85 year old woman who was arrested for shouting at a bunch of Muslims "Why don't you go home,?" after the murder of Lee Rigsby a year ago. The police could have just moved her on, not arrest her. Yet Anjem Choudary spouts hate speech, burns the Union Flag and the police do nothing. My Granddad must be spinning in his grave.
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Any contemplation of a nuclear war is ridiculous. Nuclear arms are just a waste of money, money that could be used for productive purposes. There are only two outcomes of countries possessing nuclear weapons: 1) Some idiot starts a nuclear attack, which would result in total annihilation of the earth, or 2) There never will be a nuclear conflict. If there is total annialation, then human history has ended, so the whole argument becomes moot. Therefore, there will never be a nuclear war. All the activities in the production, spying, stockpiling, etc. with regard to nuclear arms is being played out by idiots who are self aggrandized beyond comprehension.