Why should I vote for the GOP?


The GOP is against the video game industry. Why should I vote for a party that is against my interests?



Why should I vote for a political party that doesn't respect an art form? Why should I vote for a party that treats a medium and art form as a kids toy when in reality the average gamer is 33 years old.


This comment says it best!

It is sad to think that a man of such low intelligence and reasoning was in such a such a high position of power in government. But then again, so are 90% of people in the government to being with. The only way they see with dealing with problems is to curtail our individual rights and freedoms, whether it be the first, second or any other amendments of the constitution.

Both the Dems and Repubs need to be sweeped out of office and replaced with those who believe in liberty as well as personal choice and responsibility.

The GOP is just a conservative version of the nanny state.