Why Nazi Germany never overtake French tanks production?


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Does anyone know why Germany never used the French tanks industry in its own benefit? I mean, after the takeover of Czechoslovakia, the took the entire production of Zcech tanks and they continued production, because they were quite good machines. But, after they met on combat the French tanks, which used to be better armored and had better guns that their Germans counterparts, ¿why they never kept them on production to supplement their own armored forces, as they did with the Czech Lt-35 and Lt-38?
the French imported most of the components for their tanks from German enemies and also the French tank factories were mostly destroyed by the French to prevent capture.
As far as my knowledge goes the French had :cen: for tanks. Even if they did it might have been German pride? War is an extension of politics and Hitler made some mad equipment decisions such as having the armor flat rather than sloped on the Mark VI This would have decreased weight, increased speed, etc.