Why is joining the miltary such a pain?


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Seriously its a pain in the ass i've been ot meps 4 times and am still not enlisted and i have been trying since July.

Wow! MEPS four times, eh? That sucks. What are the reasons for you going 3 extra times? Did you not have all the right documentation? Was your info not in their system? Do you have a lame recruiter? Gong to MEPS was a pain in the ass but it's routine so you have to get over that. What they do there can be uncomfortable and for you to have gone there 4 times is crazy! I couldn't do it...was the 4th time your last or are you scheduled to go again?
i was there twice. once for the ASVAB and once for the physical (that was alot of fun :roll: ) ill be going there a third time on the date i ship for final processing.
Devil_Dog17 said:
Hell if I know maybe I'm the pain in the ass.

anytime your rejected for anything in the military like that you'll be counseled on why and how to improve yourself for it not to happen again. They gave you a reason why, now its up to you.