Why Hitler withdrew U-Boats from American waters


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A German high seas admiral was quoted whn asked why the German Navy withdrew ops off America's coast:

"It was because of those damned little red and yellow airplanes!"

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CAP is Unique...

According to my little WWII book of facts...the Civil Air Patrol is the only youth oriented organization that can claim a submarine kill...or two.

From the CAP website:

"The CAP coastal patrol flew 24 million miles, found 173 submarines, attacked 57, hit 10 and sank two. By Presidential Executive Order, CAP became an auxiliary of the Army Air Forces in 1943."

A German commander later confirmed that coastal U-boat operations were withdrawn from the United States "because of those damned little red and yellow airplanes."

Well...i had it thrown in my face enough when i was in Boy Scouts... :wink:
The old planes were red and yellow. Now they're red, white and black.

Yes, they're credited with 2 sub kills.
The Civil Air Patrol is the civilian auxiliary of the Air Force. It's primary roles are aerospace education, emergency services and cadet programs(drill teams and whatnot). It is comprised of cadets(from 12-18 or 21)and senior members(18+). I find it quite poof!

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Yes it's strange how that seems to happen...anyway my NJROTC unit works with CAP cadet units from time to time, and, however displeasurable it may be working with an air force affiliate, they're damn good at what they do.
Well back then it wasn't youth oriented, CAP was created because of the concern over the future of private aviation. So on Dec. 1st 1941 CAP was born and on Dec 8th 1941 General Curry was the first national commander. During WWII our planes were equipped with bombs and depth charges because of this *flashback* One day a CAP plane was patrolling the coastal waters and spotted a German U-boat stuck on a sand bar. The CAP pilot called the US Army to come and take it out. But by the time the Army got there the U-boat was gone. After that incident CAP planes were equipped with bombs and depth charges. *flashback over* WWII was the only time (if i remember correctly) that we were armed and dangerous.
Oh yeah forgot to add, it wasn’t till May 26, 1948 that CAP became the Official Air Force Auxiliary by Public Law 557. As well as the law gave the Secretary of the Air Force the right to give CAP financial and material support. It was Public Law 476 that established CAP as a benevolent nonprofit organization. Now during WWII CAP members flew almost half a million hours of patrolling the coast line. When they spotted a German U-boat they had to call in either the Army or Navy to sink them. Well we know how well that worked out now don’t we? Other missions included search and rescue missions throughout the United States, cargo and courier flights to transfer critical materials and personnel, and even towing targets so Army Air Corps personnel could practice air-to-air gunnery techniques. We were relied upon for SAR (Search And Rescue) missions because our planes fly lower and slower. In the end a thankful nation recognized the vital role CAP played during the war and understood that the organization would continue to provide invaluable help to both local and national agencies.
Red and Yellow planes armed with explosives that can keep up with a German U-boat. Can you say "Bye bye dirty Nazis?" :D (there i fixed it, i knew something was wrong when i understood what i meant :D )