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I would like to have some explanations about the various ' Whooah ' - ' Ooh-ah ' from Navy, Army, or AirForce. I mean US military. Anybody got the meaning of my twisted question ? Thanks.
All they are are just battle crys. I only know a theory about the Marine Corps OOORAH. Some beleive it came from the Continital Maries battle cry of oozah. (how i dont know)
US Army says 'HOO-AH', but I don't really know why. Probably just something for morale.
Artillery uses AHOA!

It's supposed to be AOA (Artillery Over All), but it's pronounced and sounds like AHOA! ;)
I remember in basic they had us saying "hooah" although I have no idea as to why...I do recall having to say "airpower" as well....
Hooah was derived from the acronym HUA - Heard, Understood, Acknowledged. It grew to have many more meanings (**** off, shut up, go away, etc. :lol: )
Marksman said:
its like Russian URAAAAAA
Its like"uraaaaaaaaaa za staljina"kind of way,but when you speak HOORAH and URAAA it sound the same

Doesn't that mean something like "Live Stalin" ??
It was a Russian battlecry in WW2..
Thanks you all. I thought there was a different battlecry for each branch or something like that. Anyways Italian Hoorrah is used as " Long live " or " Up with... ", but never to be used in the military.
we got different battlecries for every branch in the army

No to mention different units or countries.

Funny how simple words can help boost morale and keep you focused :)