Who said it???


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Can you helpme with the author of this Quote???

A dead soldier who has given his life because of the failure of his leader is a dreadful sight before God. Like all dead soldiers, he was tired, possibly frightened to his soul, and there he is on top of all that…never again to see his homeland. Don’t be the one who failed to instruct him properly, who failed to lead him well. Burn the midnight oil, so that you may not in later years look upon your hands and find his blood still red upon them.”

I've done some research and I think this is a quote by James Warner Bellah. (1899-1976)

He was a writer, several good western stories about the American Indian wars.
John Wayne stared in several films (directed by John Ford) based on his books. "Fort Apache", "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" and "Rio Grande".

But Bellah did also serve in WW1 as a captain and rose to the rank of colonel in WW2.
He was awarded the Commendation Medal, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal, and a Legion of Merit for his service.

So I don't know if the quote is from one of his books, or if it's a quote from his military career.