Who on here does MILITARY FREE FALL?

aussie rigger

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Just wondering if there are any other guys or gals out there that partake in military or civi freefall parachuting.

It is part of my job, if it part of yours too?
Have Skydived for some years, but not in the military.

Used to own a javelin rig with a PD-190 chute, but I traded it for some scuba diving equipment a couple of years ago.
Got a daughter so I didn't have much time to skydive.
But I'll probably start again this summer..

good stuff guys.
i have only done 60 or so work jumps, and have competed in the military nationals that we hold over here in Australia.
I have even had the pleasure of jumping with your Marines too, not a bad bunch of blokes.
Currently sitting out due to a torn tendon in my ankle but will soon have my knees in the breeze again.
It is just a pitty that along with freefall i have to do static line, oh well looks like i have to live up to the nick name of a Red Headed Dirt Dart.
But at least i know that i am safe, i always pack my own rig which is a bonus.
Parachute rigger must be one of the more interesting jobs in the military.. :D

How many jumps do you get pr year?
(static and freefall)
As a rigger we would usually get more than the normal grunt in a battalion.

Depending on your unit of coarse.

since i work at the parachute training school where all para training is conducted i get a lot of chances to do both.
Static line i only do when my currency is almost up. and that means 2 jumps per year. One CF (clean fatigue) and the other CE (combat Equipment), though we do usually do more.

Freefall is a different story, everyone loves skydiving and we get only a couple of chances a year to do this, though in that time you would try to get 20 to 30 jumps a year.
though we do have a local club that is run by a couple of guys from the para school, so we jump down there too.