Who has a street bike here?


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who has a street bike here on the boards? i just sold My 88 GT mustang to get an '03 CBR600RR all stock right now.. what do you have? also list mods... :camo:
I dont have one but id like bandit 600s.
599cc of pure force Katana-based air/oil-cooled 16-valve in-line four cylinder engine, four Keihin carburetors, cradle-type frame, dual front disc brakes, 445 lbs. dry weight, i love it in red :lol: :lol:
i used to have a 1995 katana 600 back in the day... i loved it. but my CBR is lighter and faster. my CBR weighs less than 400 pounds.
no just a CBR600RR not the CBR1100XX..... but my RR will still do a 10.90 1/4 from the factory and topspeed of (from what i was told) 180 MPH...