Which one is better?

Which is better in all aspects of the game?

  • The F-16 Fighting Falcon

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  • The Sukoi Su 37 Vecter thrust Flanker

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This is a contest of aircraft. Mind you that you should read the specs on the su 37 because you will be supprised at the results.
Warning...this is a little off topic (hell its a lot off topic)

SniperWannabee..please do not take this the wrong way...

you can put a super sonic wonder wing one up against a simple piper cub...and the piper cub might be the winner if it has the Man (or Woman) that has any sense at all at how to use his craft to his best advantage. The machines technology only gives the person the options that would enhance his ability to win. It doesnt do sqaut to give the Man the incentive, heart and will to win.

It goes with anything thats technology..weilded in the hands of a craftsman, anything can be an advantage in a fight. Put an idiot at its controls...well :D

back to the topic.... :D
Wait, were comparing a SU37 too a F16. :? Thats not even competition. Compare it too a F22 at least, something closer in technology. :cowb:
Su 37 looks impressive. But it's too big an aircraft in a dogfight with the F-16. Secondly, it is always the skills of the pilot that count in aerial warfare... just like the Iraqis who had some good aricraft too in Desert Storm (1990) but were shot down easily by Allied air force.
The Su-37 in the hands of an experienced well trained pilot would be a threat to probably any plane in the world, but the F-16 and Su-37 are completly different so i dont think you can really compare them!
Apples and Oranges

Thje bottom line is you cannot have an aerial dogfight at supersonic speeds. It just gets you to the enemy faster.
Technologically, the Su 37 is far more advanced. But it will still lose to an F 16 and a pilot with some brass in the pants(and a well aimed AAMRAM).