Where and how to join a PMC, without any previous military experience?


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I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right place on this Forum. My apologies if this is the wrong section.

I am interested in joining a PMC. I don't have any previous military or law enforcement experience. So, I know my chances are very, very slim

Still, I'm hoping that my other skills might be interesting to any potential PMC employer.

Are there any PMCs that accept individuals who are not ex-military? How do I go about contacting them?

No, without any military experience your chance to be hired is below zero. Since the 9/11 attack, there are a lot of experienced military personnel these companies can hire and they will hire those with experience. Preferably those with experience from the elite forces.

You are referring to other skills, what are they?
Thanks for your reply.

I am a highly-skilled software engineer (been doing this for 19 years)

In addition, I speak 6 languages -- 1 native, 5 very fluent.

Also, I have lived in 11 different countries for extended periods.

Not sure if any of these qualifies as "special skills"
Why don't you stay in your branch? Have you ever thought about working in an intelligence service with your knowledge?

But I'll try to help you:


This is a German security group, operating in Iraq and so on. They are looking for people who speak different languages. I am sure you can't apply as a badass operator who kicks ass. But they are working with "German Badass Tactics", a group which trains soldiers, police and bodyguards. MAYBE you can get some training there and MAYBE you will become a part of an operating team. Usually they just take former infantry/Military Police or Commandos with at least four years experience. Great if you are a combat vet.



I have read about a lot of former "students" who learned there who moved straight to Iraq, AFG or on a ship as a guard against pirates.

But be honest to yourself. A lot of soldiers with sometimes combat experience will apply for the same job. Who would you choose if you would be the head of a PMC company? The skilled grunt who was multiple times in the shitholes of the earth and survived or a great software engineer?

Good luck mate! And always come home ;)