When does the Corps pay for college?

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I know that if you go into the Marine Corps before college they will help you to pay for college. But is there a way the Corps will help me pay for college before I join the Corps with out having to be a Butterbar when i finally go into the Corps?
I never said i wanted to be commissioned, just not when i first join the Corps. Think about it, you go into the Corps as a butterbar and put incharge of lets say 50 Marines. They have been in the Corps and pretty much have their job down packed. See where i'm going with this? Also i'm trying to save my parents some money and i'm hoping that the Corps will help pay for college with out having to become a butterbar when i first join.
Sounds like a waste of time to me.
This is not 'Nam, Smokey. They're not going to just put you in charge of marines and have you take hamburger hill. You'd learn either way, and they would not care so long as you're not trying to act like a [censored] who knows everything.

I do not understand the myth that you are respected more if you enlist first and then become an officer. But of course I am not an infantryman, and I would respect competence regardless of who it came from just like I would loathe incompetence if it came from OTS or ROTC.

Apologies for the first terse reply.
I see you giving a lot of advice on these boards lately. Before you continue to do so, I suggest you read the forum rules, fill out your profile - then head on over to the welcoming center and give the board an introduction and short bio of your military career.
Edit: thanks for clearing that up RnderSafe.

What do you mean waste of time? Either way your still serving your country. Repaying a debt to those before you.

And before we go off topic even further why don't you answer my first question.
Nulli, just because you are prior enlisted - does not mean you'll make a good officer, or that your men will respect you. I can promise you, you will have to earn every bit of respect your men give you.

I was enlisted until I reached E-7, then went over and started from the bottom of the O side. Would I say I received automatic respect from my men? No. I did, however, have a good rapport with them because I knew where they were coming from and they knew where I came from.

You'll have to earn their respect, as enlisted or officer - but being prior enlisted will help you relate better and they will feel a bit more at ease while taking you for a test drive.

I've seen bad officers from all walks - and trust me, your men will not give two shakes if you're prior enlisted if you are a piss poor officer.
Actually having a Mustang for an officer does affect the morale of the troops. I personally prefer to make arrangements with an officer that knows where I come from. It's hard to explain, but just know that as a troop your going to respond a lot faster to a Marine that knows where your coming from, instead of someone that's known nothing of enlisted life.

But I do agree with you, if it's a poor officer then it doesn't matter