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When I was a pre teen working in the spice mines, I just said "Hey the spice mines suck!" I got up and walked out of the filthy hole. Needless too say the MP (mine police) ripped me several new @$$holes. When my face stopped bleeding I made my decision to join the military, and free the pre teens laboring in the mines. :cowb:
I was about 7 or 8 when i decided to join, gone 3 yrs straight wanting to be a Marine :D . And by golly i shall earn that Title or my name isnt Nulli Secundus (and it is, just not my real name :cry: )
Last year I decided I wanted to join the military. I was 14. Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to join the Marines.
Well, I always wanted to serve for US! But after 9.11.2001. I have no doubts! My :cen: is full of 'em all!
I'll do my best to crush evrey enemy of the US! :tank: :m1: :drill: :visor: :avi: :CG:
I decided to join the Military about 4 months ago, when I was 16, and I joined the Army's Delayed Entry Program about 2 weeks ago.
Wanted to do Air Force at first, then read into the Marines and Navy. Decided to go Marines. Just talked to a recruiter yesterday. Meeting him face to face today... gotta go shower and shave...