Wheeled Combat vehicles

Remington 1858

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By background is in main battle tanks. I can testify that even they can't traverse all types of terrain. Soft ground, terrain with sudden steep drop-offs, bridges that can't support their weight, fords with soft bottoms will stick even a full - tracked vehicle. I have seen an entire tank battalion immobilized on a sub-zero morning after driving into an overnight laager when it was much warmer the evening before. The tanks were frozen into the mud, something I'm sure that happened often to both sides in the Russian Campaign.
I'm interested to know how modern wheeled combat vehicles like the Stryker and similar machines do in terms of cross-country performance. Wheeled combat vehicles are here to stay because of the need for air mobility and great improvements have been made in that area in the last twenty years. The cost of main battle tanks is prohibitive for most nations, whereas capable wheeled vehicles are within budget.
I'm interested in hearing from members with field experience in wheeled combat vehicles. Is their cross-country performance in various types of terrain adequate for accomplishment of their mission? How do they go in snow, mud, soft sand?