Whats your reason


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Some of you here are military enthusiasts. But this question is for everybody is who was,who is or who will be enlisting. What are your reasons for joining?
Last year, near the end of september, I bought a video game. Yup, a video game. Battlefield 1942, the scope of the maps was huge, and before the map began it has tiny little tibits about that battle. It got me interested in WWII, and that spawned into interest in the US military as a whole. I now read books and articles on the net....

It all seems unbelievible to me, the wars that were fought, the scope of war seems endless and breathetakeing, and also terribly frightning... the struggles, the goals, the pain, the sheer amount of material and life lost. The operations, both brilliant and absurd, and the men who carried them out, or died in the attempt.

To be apart of something so noble and just, to be apart of something so professional and powerful. So big, so importaint. To serve your country.....

I dream of such excellence.
i want to join becuase my dad tells me all these great stories about his NAVY days, and the uniforms are cool. :D
I joined up because I had been surrounded by the military since I was born. My dad was Army (british) I was born at RAF Wegburg military hospital in Germany, my brother followed my dad into the army same job and regiment aswell weirdo (incidentally he was born in Aldershot (garrison town for those that dont know)). So the forces seemed a logical choice to me, plus I wanted to serve my country and my Queen. Tony Blair can go take a long walk off a short cliff for all I care, but the Royal family have my backing. They may be idiots (some of em) but their our idiots

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Well, firstly I have to, or they will send me to jail :D Secondly, I want to serve my country and I think that it is a good experience before going into life.
I want money for schooling, and the Army provides for their enlisted troops, and I'm fully ready and willing to fight in a war for my Country, but I still want the money for college. ^^;
Im here because I care about the state of the world, and wish to share my opinions on It. I may or may not go into the military.