Whats your favorite Battle Dress Uniform/Camouflage???


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Hallo, i´m interested whats your favorite BDU from which Country and what camouflage :?: :?: :?:
Please say because of what? Functionality? Design? Color? Tactical stuff?
My favorite BDU is our German "Flecktarn" because with this BDU you are good camouflaged in the woods and field :army: . I think it´s because of the green, brown, black and light green small marks so you don´t see any outlines (I think thats why also the US Military is changing to this digital stuff). But its only the basis!!! With a good Facecamouflage and sheets here and some grass there you are not easy to spot (Except with a Thermal sight :evil: ).
But if i go to a outdoor party there is nothing better than an nice M 65 Field Coat :rock: ! I got one in woodland and one in 3 Color desert.

So now i wanna hear what you prefer.

Greetz Joker
I'm fond of the Canadian Forces CADPAT (Canadian Disruptive PAttern) for two reasons:

a) I'm Canadian; and
b) The CADPAT design is digitally made so it disrupts infared signature. From far away, it looks like a normal camoflage. Up close, however, you can see that it's computer generated. Everything that Canadian Soldiers use now has the CADPAT design, right from helmet to the rucksack.
Yep, I also prefer the "Pixel" camo that the Marines, Army, Canada uses. Another one I like is the British set of BDU's. I'm not sure what they are called though.
The Marine Corps Digital Cammies. . . . . if you look really close you can find several miniature Eagle, Globe, and Anchor's above a miniature USMC
I love the USMC digital cammies. They look pretty cool, especially the desert set. PLus they are very low maintance in comparison to the old cammie. They look really cool with a good and tight sleeve roll.