What's the story . . . ?


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What's the story behind everyone's user name? (Sorry if this has been done beofre, I didn't see a topic)

Mine is pretty simple, my birthday is June 7, D-Day was June 6.
I just made up a name and used it for all my accounts. Dark because i like the dark, mb my initials, and 101 cause its easy to remember.

Mine is to honor the Israeli Military Industries, and one of their fine products, the Sherman M51 with 105mm main gun.
Mine is after Private Robert "Popeye" Wynn hoo served in WWII in the 101st.

They called him 'Popeye' as sorta a joke because he was so skinny, and I thought if I was in WWII too I would prolly be like him, cos I'm hella skinny too, and goofy like him. He was an all-around good soldier and nice guy.

You might have seen clips of him in Band of Brothers
Render Safe. An EOD (explosives ordnance disposal) term. It means I take things that might go boom, bang, or sizzle and disarm, destory or put them in a place where only the sheep will grow five legs and three eyes.
Mine is easy...because I came from NY, where everyone is "Yo Mama", and moved to Arkansas, where everyone is "Sweet cheeks" I thought my REAL name would be a safe disguise! :camo:
Well my last name is Stromberg and some people called me Strony and wen i was looking for a good name for online i chose Lt_Strony...i basically use that for all my game names and on some forums...
The Acilius' were a powerful roman Patrician family. Nine consuls some generals, and historians rose from the family. Staunch reformists and supporters of democracy.

The best soldier of the Clan was Marcus Acilius, a roman consul and a general. He defeated the Seleucid-Aetolian alliance at Thermopylae 191 B.C..