What's the only thing more dangerous...


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A recent discovery by an Army Research Team at Natick Labs has discovered the only thing more dangerous than a Second Lieutenant with a Map and Compass!

It's a Specialist with a Clipboard (Hi, I'm from Brigade HQ and I'm here to inspect your unit)!

OK, maybe you had to be there, but this happened to me in Germany - worst motorpool inspection I ever had.
Oh No..the real most worst thing to come

No...the most dangerous thing in the world is an Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineering Craftsman and his trusty set of OSHA regulations...can industrial hygiene and environmental science stop all operations on a base? Just close a swimming pool in the summertime...and wait five minutes for the commander to call.... :shock:
OOOH! Never thought of that one - I've spent all my time on Army installations and wouldn't know a "Bioenvironmental Engineering Craftsman" from a bass spitoon unless I was introduced. Are they usually Senior Airmen/Sergeants or DAF Civilians? :wink: