What would you have done otherwise?

This is a question for all those who have or are definitely going to join the military. What would you have done if you had not joined the military? Personally I have dreams of becoming a commercial pilot or air traffic controller, certainly something to do with aircraft. When I was younger I wanted to be a Politician or Diplomat, I still could try if I wanted to but I'm pulled between that and being a pilot, I may try and get selected for a constituency when I'm older, if they'll accept me. Any way, what were your dreams when you were young and what do you think you would have ended up doing if you hadn't joined the Armed Forces?
honestly, I have no idea. The Army was my dream when I was younger, it was all I ever thought about doing.
Ditch digger. Definitely.


Actually I probably would have stayed with firefighting, it's pretty rewarding work and you get a pretty good rush out of it sometimes. :D
Yeah, I wanted to be a firefighter back in the day. Then an Air Force pilot, then a Marine pounder of the ground. Still going for pounding dirt and shat.
I wanted to be a forest ranger. You know, sit in the tower, put out campfires, drive the jeep, and chase yogi bear around jellystone park.

I still do, but i got two kids i got to get thru college. so its health physics for a while :cry:
now that I think about it, I think being a Military history major and teaching military history at a college would be pretty sweet deal; get to teach kids, one could say it's a rewarding career. I'm all about making a difference in this world for the better. If I won't do it, who will? :D
As for me, I think I've had been a prostitute. Rerwarding, fun, popular ;) .

And they said you get to meet a lot of new people :lol: