What will be the first nuclear war?

What will be the first Nuclear War?

  • India-Pakistan.

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  • N. Korea-S. Korea.

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  • US-Russia

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  • US-China

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  • US-European Union.

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  • Israel-Arab Middle East (includes Egypt, Iraq, Iran)

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  • NATO-Russia

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  • Other. Please Specify.

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Simiple question, who do you think will cause the first nuclear war? I personally think it will be either India-Pakistan or N. Korea-S. Korea.
I think it will be between USA and China if there is one. Both countries are on almost completely different political spectrums, USA is democratic and China is communist. Plus the fact that China has close links with North Korea, which certainly doesn't help the situation. I don't personally think there will be a nuclear war between N. Korea and South Korea, if there was it would be pretty counter-productive as it would be a little like England and Scotland having a nuclear war, if one is launched, both sides will lose people.
My personal opinion is pakistan and india. I only believe that because there isnt a large controlling body of government that actually restricts the use of the weapons...and they seem to have a grudge match going on that isnt logical, but more of a passion thing. I believe one party over the other may slip...and it will be a Bar-b-que time in the ganges valley tonite.

not that id want them to do it... :?
ok, lets face the facts, the usa suspects that korea has nucler weapons right? well they won't let us go their to check it out so obviously they have them, i think that when the iraq war is over kores will be next, even my rotc afjrotc instrucotr thinks so, major donald huntley.
:twisted: I think we may have forgotten Russia. Russia has a lot of nukes. They have a good president now... but in future if some hardliners are elected, we will see a different world.

It doesn't mean that communism is surely bad.. remember that communism or marxism is actually a concept from the West, by Karl Marx (a German Jew).

Remember also that Hitler was elected democractically... then what happened? Germany was moved to war by popular votes when they chose Hitler as their democratic leader (or elected dictator). 8)
well if they try to even nuke us their going down, i don't think their stupid enoguth to try to start a nuke war with us, now korea on the other hand, their just crazy kamikazies! on offence to anyone that korean.
Nobody wins in a nuclear exchange, both countries will be obliterated (unless it is limited use of nukes, like maybe 20 total) and the whole world will feel it, an exchange involving the US will for sure end the world, unless things change alot in the next 20 years, because we will not launch a nuke unless attacked first, we have the most powerful Army in the world, with our carriers we could use conventional weapons anywhere in the world to get our point across, we don't need to use nukes, unlike Russian, China, Korea, India, or Pakistan, we have the offensive capabilities to hit any point in the world with conventional weapons in less than 48 hours.
Don't you mean the second....

WWII was actually the first Nuclear War, just because there was not an "exchange" of nuclear weapons does not mean that Japan didn't feel the radiation from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Now for the second, it will probably be a small "terrorist" nuke, since modern nations are not that ignorant, including North Korea.