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Hey I'm 16 and looking to join the army. Now would it be better for me to wait till after highschool to enlist or to enlist when i get seventeen and go to bootcamp during my junior senior-summer, and be in the DEP but have the cahnce to go active when i get out of highschool or not. i certainly use some help on this.
A great way to think about this is to plan accordingly.

I as a Marine would recommend that you locate a MARINE recruiter, but if you have your mind set on the Army then i suggest that you visit some Army websiites that some of my fellow Army dogs will post in the replies to follow and/or visit your local recruiter. 16 is a very young age and i recommmend that you enjoy your highschool activities and just plan on what your life is set to do. Have fun now because when you join the military branch expect hard work. Visit some units nearby and walk right up to some army dogs and ask them..
"how do you like it?"
trust me .. they will tell you the truth

proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance!
-USMC anon

thanks alot for the info Do u kno where i could get those Websites for the Army furoms. I visted the recruiter and he said almost teh same thing u did, but i do have my mind set on the army, i want to follow in my father and grand fathers footsteps, even though it might be nice to see action or not i don't mind not seeing it. but if you could send me those websites so i could do that it would be great.

It's great that you want to join the Army.
But you don''t have to post your question 10 times in several places in the forum..
This one is enough!
thanks guys for the info its doing me alot of good for the info u sent me. hopefully i can make up my mind on what branch. what do u guys think of being in the military, is it fun or just kinda boring.[/quote]
i love my beloved corps and in this one i started as a basic PEON ... then worked my way up to lead marines...

trust me.. youll hate the first portion of your enlistment, but when you do great things people notice them and when they do you EARN respect.

i started off as a MT mech.. go figure
i rebuild anything on wheels..
TankDriver, this is what you should do:

When you are about to finish high school take your SAT and apply to the nearest College with a ROTC program. While you are getting a profession from an acreditated university you can serve one weekend a month and during the summer. And all this while the Navy or Army is paying for you college tuition; then, you have to serve to the country for 4 or 5 years active duty depending of your years of college. The advantage of this plan is, while you are in college you're getting an education for free and at the same time you are in the military. In addition, if you think this is not enough you would be considered an officer once you have achieved your bachelor degree in college. You will have all the privileges of being a Naval or Army officer. After you retire from the military or your 5 years contract with the Army/Navy is up, you will have an easy transition from the military to a civilian life. You'll know how to lead people, have experience in your profession, and be able to think at HQ level.

What you decide today will follow you for the rest of you life

Good Luck Kid
Thanks Ya'll

Hey thanks for all the tips your all giving me, I'll take them all in to consideration. But i all ready know that i want to join at seventeen and work my way up, Thats the way my family did except my father who was a medical officer in the army. But any way, THanks again and if you have any more tips for me on what to do drop me a line or something.
Hello Tank... Well i was basically in the same position you are in at the current time. When i was 16 i also wanted to join the military, only my branch was the navy. Unlike you, i am the first in my family to join the military. When i turned 17 i went in and talked to the recruiter and he wanted to get me into meps the following week, this made me feel a little uncomfortable. To make a long story short, i ended up joining the usaf. if you have any questions feel free to pm me...
Sorry, I was under the impression that you could not attend Basic Training until AFTER you left the Delayed Entry Program to go into Active duty. The thing you can do, however, is join the National Guard, and then go to Basic Training between your Junior and Senior year, as long as you are 17 and with parental consent.

If you want to go active duty, you will have to wait until you graduate, leave the DEP, and then ship off to basic.

Take it from a (kinda) old crusty tanker.