What It Is ?


Ebola , last week there were 2800 cases , this week , 21000 , WHO has come up with another number total of reported unreported and who knows who 1.4 million , so what it is ? .:hide:
WHO says there's a 70percent chance of dying from Ebola if not treated "in time"... whatever that means. Over five thousand people have it (at the very least). At least 2,800 died and counting... They, WHO believe that it will reach over 21,000 by December. That's without treatment, and this wonder drug scientists from the USA have made from tobacco! That's right.
P.s. when you can't find a thing out there on the subject, ya know there's a new battle being fought uphill with it.... New numbers...Then, WHO will will come out with the new fatalities. You could even look up the area, there'd be nothing! Then boom! The info will be there. Hmmm...
Well, that one missionary lady actually got better. We, the U.S. having the best medical facilities...
They only brought back the Americans. I still wonder why sometimes too, Tetvet. How friggin' dangerous is that??!!
Sending our people over there, well, I just don't know. The're other countries that can help also.