What is your favorite banch of service and why?


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Also which branch of service has had the greatest impact/influence on the United States.

For me: Army because it is all I know and love. But I respect and have the love for all the other branches because we are all brothers and sisters in arms fighting for the same cause.
Marine Corps, cause when the other branches gave in to co-ed training the Marine Corps didnt. Also they have the highest PT standards then the other branches. Those are just some of the reasons though.
So since you dont like the Co-Ed training, how would you set it up if you were in charge. Would you have it as males just train with males and females just train with females....and would you have them fight that way also....or would you rather just not have women in at all........

Because that is an interesting thought, I did not realize the USMC was the only branch that has no co -ed
No co-ed training, but not sure about the fighting part, but a small handful on the no females in the military part. Because their is just a small hand full that get their way cause their females, like with PT, and sexual harassment stuff. So those should be kicked out. I like what some WM DI's do is train their platoons harder then the Male DI's to show that their not soft. But most WM DI's don't.
Marine Corps. It is the only service to keep strictly with its traditions. Every Marine is a rifleman, first and foremost. The Corps has always been an expeditionary force(and always wiil be). It is the only service to wear our country's colors on the uniform(the dress blues). It is the only service in which you EARN the TITLE of MARINE. And your title is capitalized. The short history of the Corps so far is decorated with valor and glory(And why are Marines so y? That's why!). The Corps is the spearhead of any and all Allied ass kicking operation. The Corps is the only service to give its NCO's swords. And there is a bit of history in every piece of Marine Corps uniforms... Ya know what? This link should explain it in detail.

Ime not prejudice against any branch of the military. But I like the Army the best. Cuz they have Airborne, Rangers, Special Forces, Delta Force, and all the others. :cowb:
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While all American services deserve respect, I have a great deal of respect for the Marine Corps. Here is a branch DRENCHED in tradition that with less money than other services, they manage to accomplish missions deemed impossible by other services.