What is/was your favorite duty station?

Duty wise it was probably Ft. Meade, Md. Culture wise it would have been Yokota, AB, Japan. Most interesting TDY would have been either Hahn, AB, Germany or Osan AB, Korea.
Far and away my favorite duty station had to be old Fort Ord, CA. It was just outside Monterey and it was beautiful. No problem finding something to do on the weekends either.
Only had 3:
Fort Jackson: Basic. No fun, too much sand, very cold, no sleep, yelling.
Fort Lee: AIT. Fun, tattoos, got to go OFF POST once or twice! WEEE!!
Fort Polk: Inbred paradise. Hot, humid, swampy, something in the water that makes people stupid and angry. Mike's Silver Needle does great tattoos, though. Anybody here do time at polk?
Hohenfels, Germany.

1. Strategically located 20 minutes from Nuernberg AND Regensburg (2 party cities)
2. Being OPFOR, you get COOL black uniforms.
3. LOTS of Field and Manuever time!
4. Very short learning curve.
5. Everyone is expected to work at one level higher than thier rank: E7's are responsible for company sized elements, E6's are responsible for platoon sized elements, E5's are vehicle commanders...etc...
6. ALWAYS something fun and interesting to do, work wise...
7. The unit has an UNLIMITED budget...free camel backs and Gerbers for everyone!
8. The unit launders and presses your uniforms free of charge.
9. Mess hall named the "Best in USAREUR" like nine years in a row.
YOU GOT FREE GERBERS?!?!?! :rambo:
Crap, I had to (re)build my own truck(deuce, no less) and power tools, and YOU GOT FREE GERBERS?
I had to pillage DRMO for 1960s era machine tools and welding gear, and you... got... free.... gerbers.
I had to "liberate" expando van parts from the "graveyard of lost vehicles." Free gerbers.
I have only been stationed at 4 bases, but Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota was my fav, simply because I'm a mountain woman and I just fell in love with the Black Hills.
Other than that, I've been to Guam twice and I'd give anything to be actually stationed there.
Fort Lewis, Washington.

1. Mount Rainier (and the Wonderland Trail that surrounds it)
2. the friggin' ocean is right off the highway next door
3. Seattle
4. Vancouver, B.C. is a stone's throw away
5. the people in the area are pretty laid-back
Baumholder, Germany

wow, I hated that place lol. Course I guess if I stayed at the Rod and Gun club much more I'd have to bring my locker and bunk lol. Guess it was ok to some. :)

My fave is Ft Campbell, Kentucky...without a doubt. Always first sir! 101st! Hooah!
I'd have to say Fort Sill, Oklahoma...really liked that place a lot.

are you DAFT man?!

i was stationed at Beale AFB in northern cali and did some TDY at Fairchild AFB in spokane washington and really loved the countryside...

I visited quite a few state side posts and I still like Ft. Campbell is the best so far.

From what I have heard, Ft. Carson, CO is pretty darn good. I tried to get that when I went back active duty, but the Army gave me my 2nd choice of the 101st.
Heh, yeah he's daffy alright. Ft. Sill had a real nice officers club but not much else to crow about when I was there. Lawton was just bizarre. Like a 20th century Deadwood. I saw an honest-to-god gun fight on the street outside the bar there. Fortunately both participants were too drunk to hit anything. Most of the places I served at weren't much to write home about themselves but culture wise I actually liked Valcartier, Quebec the most. Quebec City is just magnificent. Rich history and very clean. Unlike Montreal, Americans were treated quite well by the Quebeçois. As long as you recognized their culture by doing simple things like saying "merci" instead of "thanks" you could get along very well. Really nice night life too.
I'll say Camp Pendelton Ca. Was my favorite a lot of field time and liberty wasn't bad.

The Worst. K-Bay Hawaii.
My favorite was Yeachon Korea. Was attached to a Korean Unit for a year, it was great. All field time, slept in a hardbacked GP Tent, liberty was good, the town was very accommodating and my Korean was not bad. The only drawback was the showers, had to go to the ville and to a bath house to get clean after a few weeks in the field.
Kapooka (Basic), outside Wagga Wagga N.S.W.... very hot, not very nice. A big ol' dust bowl..... so that'd be the worst

Keswick Barracks, Adelaide SA. Top barracks, I love it. Beautiful grounds, great lines, mess etc. A great mix of units on the barracks;
9th Field Hospital
10/27th Infantry
48th Field Battery Artillery
9 Brigade HQ
47/413th RCU
plus others I can't think of right now.
plus some navy and airforce units, but they don't have much to do with the army sections of the barracks.