what is the success rate of basic training


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what is the success rate of basic training. in otherwords, what percentage of the people successfully complete basic training.
I'm very sure that it is a high percentage of recruits that pass basic training. I have been told numerous times, by people who have recently graduated boot camp for the Navy, that it's a joke. It's really not as hard as you think it is...that it's mostly a mental thing. So I would assume that depending on what branch of the military you're looking at...it's probably a pretty high chance that most graduate, if not all.
Its still a high percentage in the army. There are recycles and people who cant do it but best things to remember while at basic training is pay attention to details, concentrate on the subject your being taught, and maintain your discipline. Best advice to give you. Good luck.
well tonight i completed my pre-basic training PT test.. passed looks like i get an additional rank before going through basic.

run 2 miles= 12 minutes 58 seconds allowed 13 min 30 (?) seconds.
54 situps 2 minutes.
49 pushups 2 minutes.
Basic training isn't a test to see if you're good enough to join, it's an excercise to make you good enough. Basic is designed to strengthen and train you. As long as you're in semi-decent shape mentally and physically and you're willing to work then you have no worries about passing.

Unless you get injured, of course. Don't fall off the obstacle course.
The success rate is high because you are trained by the brst NCO's possible. There are some people that do not make it through because of injuries or something wrong psychologically. Also there are some people that do not make it through because they figure out they do not really want to be there. Basic prepares you for military life. It instills loyalty, duty, selfless service, honor, integiry, and personal courage. There will be some things that are easier for you than others and some days you will be wondering why you signed your name on that dotted line. Bottom line even though it may not seem like the DI's really do care about you and they are going to do everything in their power to help you become a soldier. Hope this helps.