What is the most spacious tank in service?


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Hi, new user, tank enthusiast. I've been thinking for years about this, and I find so few internal video recordings of the MBTs of the world that I felt I wanted to ask you guys these three questions:

Which MBT has the largest internal volume?

Which Light Tank has the largest internal volume?

Which tank (that you have entered into) was the roomiest and most comfortable to you?

The last tank I was in was one of the swedish 103C:s in the early 90's, it was fairly cramped. I remember someone years ago saying they thought the M60A3 Patton (final version without commander's cupola) was the roomiest, but I'd like to hear from this forum what your views are.

I've heard that russian tanks, even the most modern ones, still are really cramped because there's not much feedback allowed between the users and the makers, but that might be old cold-war prejudice, I have no opinion on the T90, never been near one. Their upcoming T99 Armata should be interesting.

For those that have seen the tank movie "Lebanon", showing an israeli crew dealing with the problems of the israeli invasion during the 80's, they used the british Centurion as their setting. I'm not sure they filmed inside a Centurion or if they built a tank-looking set (I know it wouldn't have been as dark in a real tank, and all surfaces would've been white for visual aid, not military green), but the Centurion in the movie felt very spacious.

This is intended as a hobby discussion, all responses are appreciated!