What is a sport?


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A friend and I got into a debate the other day about what makes something a sport. We were watching ESPN and saw that sweeping thing and it's in the Olympics so supposedly it's a sport. But there are a lot of things that are questionable, like synchronized swimming. Then there is also the question of whether motorsports is a sport too. So what qualities does a "game" need to become a "sport?"
I figured there are some basic like: athletic ability, physical fitness, and competition. He was saying you also need a ball, but track is a sport that doesn't require a ball.
a sport is when you have to use your mind athletic ability, physical fitness, and competition, and that is what i thing that that is what a sport is
well let's get a couple things straight, bowling, synchronized swimming, golf, horse racing, car racing, gymnastics, and figure skating are all not sports, neither is any type of dancing. you might be athletic, but just because you are athletic that doesn't make it a sport.