what i know about this place is because i am here...


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hey everybody, i am a FNG to the forums. i have been in a lot of forums in the past, but never one dedicated primarily to military debate and discussion. It's kinda funny how i found this website. I was just sitting down, smokin and jokin on the computer, and i was trying to find the artillery song lyrics, so i could antagonize some fellow troops with it, and bam! military-quotes.com. This place is great. there are probably a lot less trolls here that are going to call me "baby killer" for serving in a combat zone. well, im not here to change the world, i just like to shoot the breeze about military stuff.
Welcome to the forum.

Boy, I sure do miss that place - the lovely weather, the gorgeous wildlife, the rainbow coloured mud. Have you hugged a camel spider today? :twisted:
Welcome to the forum, redlegs (we're gonna have a full-strength battery on here pretty quick :lol: ).
Hi, Welcome.

Welcome! 8) Pretty funny how alot of us find this site by mistake/or don't intend on coming here :lol: I know i did
If I can steal some of Redleg's thunder here ( ;) ), back in the day they used to wear red leather leggings, and I believe most countries still have red as the color for FA (like in the U.S. Army, it's blue for Infantry).
Redleg said:
More Redlegs, Great! :D


What do you do in the Artillery?

I am a cannon fire direction control specialist, basically the air traffic controller for the rounds. that would be the shortest way to explain it. I am a radio guy, but i also do some stuff with charts, and computers. The best part about my job is at my command missions, where i get on the radio, and tell the guns to fire. i also have the job of getting out of the vehicle, and making sure all guns fire the rounds (best part of my job).