What else are you into?


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Other than military things, Just curious.

Me: I love to play paintball. Gives me the feel of actual combat sans the flesh wounds/ death. G/f and I usually go to a field here that has a huge urban field and woods field surrounding it. Good place to practice tactics.

I race my Mustang at a dragstrip in Tennessee. Best time so far is 9.37 @ 80 Mph in the 1/8 mile. We're getting ready to buy a resto- (heavilly) mod project '67 Mustang off a lady we know. It's gonna be the lady's car, but she wants to be able to blow my doors off. Heh heh. Something to do in the summer I guess. :D

I used to play in a few bands, but college has really taken it out of me. I pretty much just sit around now picking the guitar, banjo and bass guitar.

Otherwise, I watch a lot of History Channel.
Oh. Didn't see that...Sorry hahaha.

I've been in metal, rock, classic rock, blues, jazz, country bands, and classical stuff like orchestra.
Yeah, I should have been the next Rex Brown. HAHAHA! I haven't played nearly as much as I used to though.
Right now I'm really busy with and EMT class and fire department. I'm pretty hardcore into strength training and PT.
Well right now i love to play airsoft beacuse of the milisim . I play about 10-15 hours a week on my computer :lol: :lol: ...but another thing i do but dont like is school :( :( beacuse im only 14...the thing that sucks is i want a job but cant get one cause im not old enough... but then i dont want one lol

also building models was one of my hobbys. I like designing small houses that you can build out of scaled down 2x4's... and i used to do model rockets and trains.
I like to play my drums
and i like to play some videos
not FPS but more like some RPG or Strategy games