What did/do you do in the military?

Field Artillery, active and reserve, mostly for almost 22 years. I started out in a Lance Missle Battery (A/1-333 FA) as a Recon/Survey Officer, then moved to an M110A2 Bn (6-9 FA later 5-3 FA), and served there as a Recon/Survey Officer, HHB XO, firing battery XO, Assistant S3 and MP Platoon Leader.

In the Army reserve and National Guard, I have served as an Instructor in an FA Training unit (402nd FA Brigade (Training)), Counterfire Officer, Bn S3 (3-144 FA), Brigade FSO, FA Intel Officer and Division FSO.

I have learned that as mighty as the Field Artillery is, we always need the support of the other branches - particularly Ordinance (mechanics and ammo types), Quartermaster (Class I and Class III), Engineers (survivability and mobility support) and Signal Corps (if I can't talk, I can't shoot!). I have also learned that the primary reason we exist is to support our Customers - specifically the Infantry, Armor, Cavalry, Attack Aviation and all others in need of Fire Support! :D
GuyontheRight said:
Any particular vehicals?

M113A2 & A3
M60 & M48 AVLB
C.E.V.(Combat Engineer Vehicle)
as a Maintenance Sgt. i added the
2 1/2 ton truck