What are some computer games featuring the Marines?


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How come there aren't many game featuring the Marines? Games with k-bars, bayonets, e-tools, and hands used as weapons also. If you know of any games with Marines and especially those posessing the qualities I have mentioned above please reply. Semper Fi
Awhile back the had made a mod for doom and used it in the Marines to teach squad tactics as a computer sim you might be able to do a search and find the mod patch running around. (doom is a fairly out of date game now)
Doom is cult..

One of the oldest and still on the 1st top list since I checked it..

Maybe its's out of date, but I have also the original..

And you can still feel the nostalgy.. (Or how's it spelled.. :?)
Ive got Battlefield Vietnam, in fact, im gonna play it in a while. It has Marines, and they have the M40. I love it. The only problem is: Whenever someone is overruning your position... The Marine on the radio goes: " Were being overun, RETREAT!" Which is very unrealistic. ;) :rambo: