Well Hello!


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And how nice of you to stop by!

Hey, I hope you dont mind, but I am just passing through spreading a little sunshine as I go - with an E.T style glowing finger. Hee. Absolute rubbish!

I am Caroline - 27, Scottish living in Wiltshire. Not uneasy on the eye, have damp socks for brains, but devilishly intelligent (had to get that one in). I am not military myself, but the rest of my family are and that's how I fell into your forum (brother comes in to look).
oh - I cant upload my photo because...well you know how it goes, girls and technology...(apologies girls) - but my photo is at:
there, that's me.

Anyway - will see you's around I am sure. Here's a poo joke to keep you smiling:

What did St Patrick say when he drove all the snakes out of Ireland?
YOu alright in the back there?

ahh hahahaha - what do you mean that's not funny? Pah! What do you know! *wink*

Sorry, i dont get the joke, but us jews are more in for the bitter black humor....lol(and self humor i guss :wink: )
Welcome to the forum!

So we got us a family affair now, huh? :lol:

Sherman, St. Patty "drove" all the snakes out in a car. Very high brow humor, it's ok that you didn't get it. :wink:
Hi Pomplemous, Welcome to the forum. :D

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