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All war begins with the human's sense of greed, hatred, or the need for power.

Does anyone agree or disagree and why?
To be honest, that statement is a bit broad, seems like an essay topic you would see on a psych test. :lol:
The easiest answer is yes, what other reasons are there that would drive one man to kill another? Those human faults (greed, hate, etc.) do not always appear on both sides of a conflict as the moving force behind going to war, but the reaction to the aggressions of the enemy nearly always come into play on one side.
Of course the topic is broad, it allows people to respond with more insight. and yes ur right

To FutureRANGER of course wars begin with that but i didn't say wars continued with it
How very true, but wat happens when ur wrong?

But back to the topic yes if:
one guy threw a rock at an another guy
The second guy would throw a rock back at the first guy. Then beat the crap out of each other, then the next day they bring some friends and starte a fued. Finally that would start war right?
True, ignorance leads to fear which leads to fear. Fear leads to hatred and then we have the never ending circle of stupidity. All begin wars.
what i think , like a qoute said: War is the most simple affirmation of life. Suppress war, and it would be like trying to suppress the processes of nature. These are also terrible. Every living thing is terrible.

-Joseph Paul Goebbels

war is part of our life
If you read Clauswitz, then you know that war, or armed force, is simply a tool that a nation state can use to achieve its goals and objectives, along with trade, diplomacy and espionage. That would allow for Greed (Opium War and Crusade IV), Stupidity (WWI), Religion (Crusades I, II and III and the expansionist wars of Islam) and the every popular Quest for Power (Franco-Prussian War or Austrian-Prussian War and WWII) as reasons.

Another line of thought indicates that overpopulation, especially of young males, causes wars. I think this is a contributing, or enabling, factor, but not a cause by itself.
I think that every war is a war between politicians. The reasons of war that are presented to normal people are usually not true. How would it sound if a great leader would say that he wants more money and power :D . But the ugly thing about the wars is that civilians are being a part of it. Many fight with idea of defending their country or reasons like that. I think that poliicians must see that there is always a way to compromice without dead people. Everybody has got their own view on the war, i am only sharing mine.
Darkmb101 said:
All war begins with the human's sense of greed, hatred, or the need for power.

Does anyone agree or disagree and why?

I agree. The statement contains 'or' so that gives a little more lenientcy on it.

Some might argue, well, the US didn't jump into the war because of those, they jumped in for defense. But that need to defend turned into hatred. I'm sure the Japs were treated pretty rough after that. And we also wanted the power back. The Japanese, intended or not, were takin away our sense of power. You don't want to loose that.

So yes, I agree.

OK, that was supposed to be more intellegent, but I lost all train of thought when I started typing.